Bard Class Cosplay Masquerade Registration London 2024

Bard Class Cosplay Masquerade Registration London 2024

Thank you for registering for MegaCon Live London Bard class! We’re excited to see you at the show.

The Bard Class is for entrants who have made less than 50% of their cosplay, but would like to perform in the Masquerade. You must have a planned performance to enter this class.

Please ensure that you’ve read the rules at before submitting your application to ensure that your costume meets the requirements. If you’re unsure about which class to enter, you can read our blog posts about the new classes at

For group applications, please choose a Group Leader, who will fill in the form on behalf of your whole group. The maximum group size is six people.

Remember, the Bard class is not first-come first-served, and all applications will be assessed after December 10th, so there's no rush to complete this form. You will be able to edit the form after you submit it, and the link to do so will be emailed to you after submission. In the likely case that there are more entries than spots, then spots will go to those with the most detailed and complete applications, so try and include as much info and detail as possible!

If you have made 50% or more of your cosplay please register for the Adventurer Class!

If you have made over 80% of your cosplay, and have professional costume making experience, or have been cosplaying for over 6 years, or have won major awards at competitions before, you should be applying for the Artificer class.

Experience classes are here to help cosplayers of similar experience levels compete against each other. Please read about the three classes at if you need help figuring out which class to enter.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact the administration team at